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Canada Day 

Monday July 1, 2019 

3:00 PM – 11:00 PM 

Some major changes to Canada Day this year include festivities starting at 3:00 pm, parade at 6:00 pm, a beer tent, dunk tank including getting the chance to dunk Councillor Darouze and DJ Bobby B and children’s activities running until 8:00 pm. 

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Osgoode is a large village within the city of Ottawa Ontario located just south of Manotick and east of the Rideau River.

It was originally part of Osgoode Township but it became part of the City of Ottawa in 2001. Originally called Osgoode Station, its name was shortened to Osgoode in 1962.

Notable landmarks of the community include the Stuart Holmes Arena inside the Osgoode Community Center. The local mall, post office, general store, library and the new Multi-Purpose Pathway are all ready for you and your families to explore.

A much-loved local restaurant The Red Dot Cafe, is nestled in the center of the village. Their fine country dining eatery is always visited by its village locals and also attracts many people from the city and the surrounding areas. It’s open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday and for breakfast, lunch and dinner every Saturday and Sunday. For the residents, our local FOODLAND is just a stone throws away where you will be greeted by the friendliest of people and be able to stock up on your favorite grocery items. There is a Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy Clinic and Pharmacy all nestled together for easy access to each of them and their professional knowledge will always put you at ease. Our local general store Raymonds has one of the few remaining full serve gas bars and once you gas up and get your lotto, you can browse their well stocked wine shelves and beer cooler.

The adult and youth minor hockey-loving population in the community are a big part of life here in the village. Throughout the fall and winter the Stuart Holmes arena is by far one of the busiest locations in town. Hockey is indeed an important part of the fabric that makes up the Village of Osgoode. Both adult and youth softball leagues are also very active in the summer months and almost every night of the week, they can be seen playing on the Osgoode Village Park softball diamonds.

The Village of Osgoode supports a youth centre that is organized and run by the Osgoode Youth Association (O-YA). It’s staff are young energetic people who will help to enrich the quality of life for youth ages 7 – 18. O-YA is  dedicated to harnessing the community to deliver a rich variety of programs and services aimed at prevention, education, skill building, inspiration, socialization and recreation; supporting young people in their development as successful, independent and involved citizen

Osgoode has approximately 1550 residential homes and growing! Children of yesterday are making the village their home of today for its one of a kind rural setting and quiet peaceful country living. Surrounding Osgoode Village are many Family Farms that have been passed down from generation to generation and a quiet walk down their gravel roads will give you an opportunity to see the many wildlife animals the area has to offer. Keep a sharp eye out and bring some binoculars for a chance to see White-Tail Deer or Wild Turkey, they are yet some of the few that can be seen roaming the many fields and forests around us.

Main source: Wikipedia May 2011
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  1. Donna MacMillan

    What an excellent article describing Osgoode! It’s informative, well written, and makes the reader want to know more. As I read it, I could picture each location from my childhood. I purchased the “Osgoode Village Story” when it was first published and enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures. It was definitely a trip down memory lane.

  2. Denise Guertin

    I am looking for long lost friends by the names of Judy and Leigh Carey and hoping that someone can help me

  3. Christiane st Laurent

    I just move on Osgoode Whith m’y son I will like to Know

    About thé garbages recyclons and whatever you havé un thé Cite

    1. Carley Scharf (Post author)

      If you go to our tab that says community services there is an option for garbage collection. On that webpage there is a link to the city of Ottawa information about garbage and recycling collection.
      Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our community!

  4. Mike Popa

    While I have been to Ottawa several times, I had only now visited the charming village of Osgoode. One reason for doing so is that my great great great grand parents farmed in Osgoode Township from 1838 to 1853. This was on what is now River Road. I managed to drive by, stop and take a few minutes to pause for reflection of what the past there must have been like. Very uplifting.

  5. Phil Reinders, Netherlands

    Looking for relatives of aRCAF Pilot, killed in the Netherlands in February 1944

    Orville Wesley HICKS, he came from Kars, his parents were James Carroll Hicks (died 23-4-19550, his mother was Maud Mary Hicks (Died 28-7-1973), they moved to Ottawa.

    If any can help out it would be great,in his records there is mention a Minister Dr E.D.Sexsmith and schoolteacher S.A. Hicks from Osgoode

  6. Lee Wright

    Looking for information regarding a booth at the 2019 spring home show …

    1. Carley Scharf (Post author)

      Hi Lee,

      There is no longer a spring home show in Osgoode.

  7. Don W. Bradley

    My great grandfather Edward P. McEvoy and family left Osgoode in 1870 and moved to Emmetsburg, Iowa. E. P. McEvoy and other farmers persuaded the railroad to name a soon to be built railroad station several miles North of Emmetsburg, Osgood in exchange for land given to the RR. Osgood, Iowa existed from 1889 until the early 1960’s.

  8. donald reibin

    This should be posted on bullet- boards in LARGE LETTERS -on boards in FOODLAND, POST OFFICE AND GAS STATION
    Otherwise – not known

    1. Carley Scharf (Post author)

      Hi Donald,

      If you are referring to the AGM information above it is posted on the bulletin boards and the boards entering the village. If that is not the information you are referring to would you mind giving more information about your proposition?

      Thanks! 🙂


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