Neighbourhood Watch

Welcome to the Osgoode Village Neighbourhood Watch!

“Eyes on Osgoode”


The Neighbourhood Watch Program (NWP) is a FREE city-wide, community-driven crime prevention program supported by the Ottawa Police Service and your Osgoode Village Community Association (OVCA). The program is based on the concept of good neighbours working together, alert to the potential of crime and willing to look out for each other’s interests. Neighbourhood Watch supplements what you do normally, as a good neighbour, with a formal support program and a community relationship with the Ottawa Police Service.

Your sole job as a Neighbourhood Watch member is to be vigilant concerning potential threats to the safety and security of your own property and that of your neighbours. The NWP has proven that you can prevent and reduce crime in your community by being more observant of your surroundings, more aware of suspicious behaviours and better prepared to take appropriate measures, like improving home security and knowing whom to call when there is a problem.

Currently, Neighbourhood Watch is active on only a few streets in Osgoode Village. It is supported by Street Coordinators and Block Captains. If you are interested, you can volunteer for a role in Neighbourhood Watch when you enrol in the program.

New Neighbourhood Watch Program members receive an information booklet, NWP stickers for their windows and, if desired, occasional email notifications and alerts from their Street Coordinator or Block Captain on local safety and security issues. Homeowners can also ask the Ottawa Police for a free Home Security Inspection or to participate in Operation Identification. For a street to have NWP signs installed, 50% of homeowners need to register in the program.

Neighbourhood Watch is most effective when a high number of homeowners join the program. Sign up by picking up a registration form at the Osgoode Community Center. You will subsequently be contacted by a NWP representative who will provide you with Neighbourhood Watch materials.

For other assistance, please contact Lori Daneliak, your OVCA Neighbourhood Watch representative, at 613-889-6234 or by e-mail at


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Ottawa Neighbourhood Watch Executive Committee

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If you see anyone suspect anyone loitering and behaving suspiciously please write down the description (clothing and color) of the individual or group members, the direction headed, gender, any other details that would help a patrol officer with identification and location. THEN…Call 613-230-6211 with this information and an officer will respond. Please specify that you are a member of the Osgoode Village Neighbourhood Watch.


  1. Organizations asking for money: Verify with agency by calling them directly
  2. E-mail scams: There are more out there and they are getting better. Never give out personal or bank information to anyone in an email.
  3. The hot item right now is GMC trucks. If you own one make sure you lock it, and, if possible, park it inside your garage.
  4. Please report anything suspicious by calling 613-230-6211 (dispatcher’s line) or 7300 to report any damage or theft from vehicle after the fact.

TIP: Get to know your neighbours!!!